Body Wrap

About The M’lis full body contouring wrap:

I have given multitudes of body wraps over the last 18 years and the one I like most to give and receive is the M’lis body contouring wrap. My clients seem to enjoy laying down, relaxing, while losing inches and slimming naturally to the comforting sounds of spa music. It’s truly a great stress reducer. While losing up to half a pants size in one session (obviously a series is better than one). However, even just one will produce results.

Although, we don’t offer guarantees because, as you know, results vary with individual body composition. I can tell you my clients love this wrap and return for it regularly or on an as -needed basis for special occasions.

Special occasions that I have assisted my clients to prepare for:

Brides, the wedding party, birthdays, anniversaries, costume parties, red carpet events, hot dates, first dates, swimsuit clad, vacations, bikini season, pageant contestants, postpartum, people on detox and slimming programs.

What kind of results can I expect?

The manufacturer states a client can lose 4 to 14 inches in 1 hour. The inches will stay off as long as the client eats the right foods, properly exercises and drinks 8 glasses of water per day as recommended. So if you ask me, “How long will my results last? I will always tell you, “It’s up to you.”

For best results:

Try one wrap. You be the judge of your own results. Then if you want more, have them. If you are happy with the treatment, I can suggest a personalized plan for you.

How was the M’lis body wrap developed?

The M’lis body wrap process was developed by a UCLA biochemist 30 years ago. The M’lis process was originally formulated to encourage circulatory and lymphatic flow in patients struggling with inhibited circulation related to diabetes and other chronic diseases. Subsequent research revealed that this increased circulation was also cleansing the tissues, resulting in a remarkable and beautifying healthy inch loss, overall contouring, and cellulite reduction.


80 MINUTES $99 (solo)

or $55 added to a facial of your choice

M’lis full body contouring wrap. Lose 4 to 14 inches in 1 hour while tightening you skin and reducing cellulite