What is the Natural Facial Enhancement® (NFE)?

The NFE is a truly unique series of safe and painless manual manipulations of the small muscles of the face. Based on the principles of Trigenics®, the procedure lifts and strengthens the underlying facial muscles, which results in immediate and noticeable visual and functional improvements:

  • Improved tone

  • Balanced facial asymmetries

  • Restored functional muscular actions

  • Enhanced over-all attractiveness and beauty of the face

The NFE is safe and painless. Treatments are compatible with a variety of other aesthetic treatments. as the patient looks into the hand mirror, while still on the treatment table, they see and feel the results.

How Does The NFE Work?

NFE - based on the Trigenics® Functional Neurology Treatment system - is an interactive, synergistic combination of the following three modalities:

  • Autogenics - controlled biofeedback and deep breathing to create an automatic muscular relaxation response that is experienced as a heightened sense of well being with the facial treatment.

  • Myogenics - the application of focused manipulation on a specific moving muscle stimulating mechano receptor activity, to cause immediate change in the length /tension of the facial muscle fibers, also seen as muscular lift in the facial treatment.

  • Neurogenics - by applying neuro-muscular reflexes, with active participation during treatment, restoration of optimum brain and body communication is experienced, and there is improved muscle function during the facial treatment. The sensation is heightened when the patient suffers from previous asymmetrical muscular function.

NFE is a functional neurology multi-modal treatment system directing nerve signals to reset the way the brain communicates with the facial muscles. NFE is not a facial massage or exercise, although it can greatly augment these and other treatments.

Dr. Lorraine Urbina utilizes this “fingertip face lift” in her customized facials. She is also available for training to other professionals.

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