Custom Lifting Facials

After performing your in-depth analysis , Dr. Lorraine utilizes her knowledge, skills, experience, products and procedures to design your custom facial to achieve  your personal skincare goals. Based on your skin type, your goals and Dr. Lorraine's recommendations, a multiple of techniques, procedures, beauty tools and devices will be utilized to create your lifted glowing and radiant age beautifully look.

From the Suddenly Younger and Slimmer "Beauty Bar Buffet" 

tools, techniques, and procedures designed for you



  • Ultrasound scrubber

    • The ultrasound scrubber is a professional strength ultrasonic wave wand that performs micro massage action at 28,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second. These waves cleanse, exfoliate, and extract revealing a smoother, brighter, and luminescent complexion

  • Diamond micro with dermafile

    • Dermafile is a skin polishing and resurfacing tool with stainless steel and finely crushed cosmetic diamonds. The instrument lightly polishes skin by removing the top layer of dead skin cells, leaving behind velvety smooth, fresh rejuvenated skin. The procedure is administered the same way as microdermabrasion, without suction and crystals. Overtime the procedure will assist in building more collagen. Subsequently, skin will appear more youthful, toned and soft.

  • Very light vitamin C and L mandelic peel

    • Improves uneven skin tone, clears congested pores, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and blemishes. Features mandelic acid promoting cellular turnover while vitamin B, and hyaluronic acid and alpha arbutin promote a smooth radiant complexion

  • Enzymes

    • Enzymes to detoxify, clarify and unclog pores, while maintaining skin's moisture levels. Smoothing and brightening leaving skin silky soft and glowing.

Massage and lifting techniques:

  • Korean Beauty V lift Meridian Massage

    • Massaging key Meridian facial points with a “gua sha,” therapeutic Jade tool, along energy pathways to open up Meridian energy channels while providing a non-invasive, natural means of sculpting facial contours. The Korean V shape massage can include utilizing firm massage pressure upper towards the temples.

    • Benefits include:

      Healthy ways to achieve the V shape face with a more lifted look while providing a non-invasive means of sculpting facial contours;

      Increase circulation,

      Smooth underlying fascia and facial muscles.

  • Natural Facial Enhancement® (NFE)

    • The NFE is a truly unique series of safe and painless manual manipulations in the small muscles of the face. Based on the principles of Trigenics®, the procedure lifts and strengthens the underlying facial muscles, which results in immediate and noticeable visual improvements.

    • Benefits include:

      Balanced facial asymmetries;

      Restored functional muscular actions,

      Enhanced over-all attractiveness and beauty of the face.

Beauty Tools And Machines:

Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatments

Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatments

  • Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial

    • The Intraceuticals "oxygen facial” is relaxing, pampering with no downtime, while delivering dramatic instant results. This method utilizes hyperbaric oxygen to deliver professional strength serums into the skin. This professionally applied procedure visibly plumps, lifts, tones, hydrates and decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Miracle Wave Microcurrent

    • The miracle wave facial machine utilizes very low micro current, in three wave forms. Specifically designed conductive silver gloves are the electrodes for effective treatment.

    • Benefits include:

      Reduces the appearance of wrinkles on the face;

      Gives the appearance of tighter skin,

      Reduces the appearance of pores size,

      Help skin look healthier and younger by adding glow and radiance.

  • Revitapen Microchanneling

    • Revita pen is a non-invasive device which creates visible and instant results. Sterile, stainless steel unique spherical tips create thousands of micro channels into the skin allowing active ingredients to penetrate into layers of the epidermis for optimal skin restoration and rejuvenation.

    • Benefits include:

      Plump, luminous complexion, Improved firmness and elasticity; 

      Improved texture with a reduction in fine lines and winkles,

      Increased hydration and softness,

      Visible reduction in pore size and blemishes,

      Improved evenness of skin tone and reduction in age spots/hyperpigmentation.

  • High Frequency Lymphatic Drainage

    • High frequency is a safe, gentle alternating current applied through a glass electrode filled with neon gas. Contact with the skin generates an ozone which is antibacterial and cleansing, while the generated heat stimulates a skin toning rosy circulation. This results in an increase in collagen and elastin production and cell renewal leaving a firm or fresh vibrant glow. The pulsating oxygenation aids in lymphatic drainage and disperses excess fluid while increasing circulation. The result is the reduction of "puffy look" in the eyes and face.

  • Ultrasound

    • An ultrasound facial is gentle sound waves providing a micro massage action stimulating circulation, while increasing elasticity and helping penetrate luscious therapeutic serums into the tissue of the skin.

    • Benefits include:

      Improving skin tone;

      Reducing puffiness while stimulating lymphatic drainage,

      Increase in skin hydration, softness and elasticity,

      Improvement in overall texture.

  • Galvanic

    • Galvanic has two powerful yet gentle components:

      Desincrustation, which deep cleans the pores of dirt and excess oil and impurities leaving skin fresh and smooth. Plus infusion with ions to push nutrients into the tissues of the skin.

    • Benefits include:

      Making the skin glow, while preventing premature aging by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. This is done by improving the elasticity which firms and tightens the skin and increasing moisture retention.

  • LED

    • LightStim® LED rays penetrate down into the skin stimulating the cells and producing collagen and elastin naturally. This comfortably promotes a diminishing of fine lines and wrinkles, firmer and more toned skin, reduction of pore size and a more youthful radiant tone.

  • Bio Cell + Mask

    • Meet our super-firming, jelly-like sheet mask. Formed from millions of freeze-dried collagen fibers from the sea. This marine miracle clings tight onto skin to drench it in wrinkle-plumping peptides. Like second skin, the serum-soaked, hydrogel mask pumps life and youth back into every cell through a tingly-cool, chilling sensation. Within minutes, lines vanish, moisture floods in, radiance appears, and skin is reborn into a bouncier, supernatural version of its former self.

    • Benefits include:

      Firms and tightens sagging skin;

      de-puffs tired skin,

      illuminates dull skin,

      hydrates and plumps dry skin.


  • Customized Microcurrent + Facial


  • Customized Revitapen Infusion Plus


  • Customized Oxygen Intraceutical Plus Facial


  • Add M’LIS Body Wrap To Any Facial


  • M’LIS Body Wrap Solo